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Alex James's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Alex James

I began The Ultimate THRIVER in pursuit of the prize and a better physique. Instead, what I received along the journey changed the trajectory of my life, and the life of my family forever.

I am a proud father of three amazing children and married to the most beautiful woman in the world. When our youngest was born in March of 2020, he spent two weeks in the NICU and has endured multiple surgeries since. A few months ago, we made the difficult decision for my wife to quit her job, as ER visits were becoming more frequent. When the Ultimate THRIVER competition presented itself, I meticulously developed a plan to transform my physical appearance. The prize money would assist in paying down monthly expenses so that my sole income could sustain our family.

With my wife as my THRIVE coach and myself as the self-taught personal trainer, I hit the ground running! Five days a week I woke up at 4 a.m. in order to be at the gym by 5 a.m. My 3 Steps first thing in the morning quickly proved to be the cornerstone of my regimen. I also grew to love the pump that Circulate provided and will sing the praises of Recover from the mountain tops! Any time I felt a lull, Heat picked me up in the afternoon and with the dramatic change in my diet, Biotic really helped my gut health.

On Jan 1st I weighed 202 lbs at 24% body fat. Eating whatever I wanted and drinking almost daily, I had become a version of myself that I no longer recognized. I needed to be better! Today I am 171 lbs at 13% body fat. But more importantly I am healthier, making better choices in what I eat and drink, hyper focused, more available for my children and the supportive husband that my wife deserves.

Amanda Smith's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Amanda Smith

I am a momma of two boys and for the last three and a half years I have been a THRIVER, but just didn’t dial in my nutrition. As an educator and fitness guru, I let myself go and I am here to prove that I am made for more! Often, I’d share with my mother how I felt and she would say, “Honey, it’s just the season of life you are in.” For over three years, that’s what I told myself. “Amanda, you have kids, you’re so busy, it’s just the season of life you’re in.”

One morning during this challenge, I woke up and determined that day was THE DAY to make a change. I may be in a challenging season of life but every season will present new challenges. Enough was enough! For my THRIVE Experience, I used the 3 Steps (Lifestyle Capsules, an assortment of Lifestyle Mixes, THRIVE Against Cancer DFT) and Sculpt.

I am proud of my mindset shift during the Ultimate THRIVER Challenge because my intentions for myself are greater and my “why” is helping me become the Ultimate THRIVER mentally as well as physically. I’m doing this for ME. I am valued and me wanting to do this for myself is enough. I cannot be more for others if I am not more for myself!

34Under 50K winner
BreAnna Kapp's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

BreAnna Kapp

I originally counted myself out of this competition because I had a 9-month-old girl who was very needy and refused to be watched by a sitter. I initially was not able to go to the gym at all, but I quickly proved to myself that I could do this! THRIVE and at-home workouts made this happen! THRIVE has never let me down and with the addition of Sculpt twice a day to my 3 Steps, I can proudly say I DID IT!

This contest pulled me from a place of self doubt about everything in life. I have three little girls who have watched me transform into an active, fun mom again. The mom who can play, smile, LIVE and LOVE again! Here I am, turning 31 on Monday, with an 11-month-old and I am in the best shape of my life!

34Under 25K winner
Dwain Victorian's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Dwain Victorian

I am a 30-year-old male from California. Fitness is a huge part of my life because I am a professional boxer. However, in recent years, my energy levels have fallen as I have gotten older resulting in shorter workouts and loss of stamina. But since discovering the THRIVE Experience, I have regained the energy levels I need in order to workout harder and longer. The 3 Steps have helped me feel revitalized during the days and have a better post workout recovery.

Gaining that extra energy made me want to work harder and get back in the ring. During this challenge, I gained the confidence I needed to take on a new boxing match as it has been over two years since my last fight. The THRIVE Experience and Ultimate THRIVER challenge has helped me achieve my goal of being in fighting shape, while helping regain my stamina and self confidence.

Marsha Ann Marquez's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Marsha Ann Marquez

I am 32 years old and have an incredible 16-year-old daughter and husband who I have been with for almost 18 years. Last year at this time, I didn’t know who I was physically or mentally. I quit my full-time salary position as a general manager to be available for my family after spending nine years losing myself at that job. Over the last year, I’ve begun to heal mentally. Now, it was time to heal physically. My husband left for training the exact time I started the contest in January. It’s helped to keep me grounded and in the right state of mind while he is away.

Every morning I take my 3 Steps followed by Form and later in the day between meals, I use Burn DFT. Throughout the day I always have an Activate mixed with Boost to help keep me going and give my body all it needs to THRIVE.

Winning or not, I will forever be grateful for all I have gained in these past 12 weeks. I am THRIVING in every way with the support of my family and other THRIVERS. I have another 12 weeks until my husband graduates and I can’t wait to see where I can take myself physically and mentally within that time as I continue on this journey. This is a lifestyle now, not a contest.

34Under 15K winner
Megan Tafoya Towner's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Megan Tafoya Towner

I started my THRIVE journey in 2020 after years of watching a friend share her story. At the time I was at my heaviest weight, stressed from long hours at a demanding job, and struggling to juggle being a new mom and wife, while still trying to be my own person. I was mentally and physically exhausted and knew I needed to make a change.

My first day using the THRIVE Experience, I knew these products were what I needed. My body felt amazing and soon so did my mentality. A few months after starting the 3 Steps we found out we were expecting our second baby! After he was born, I gained a lot of weight back, my hair was thinning, and had no energy. I couldn’t wait to start THRIVING again. The Ultimate THRIVER competition came at the perfect time to motivate me and push me out of my comfort zone. I joined the competition because I wanted to take charge of my health and create healthy eating and exercise habits that my family and I could maintain.

I never thought I would be wearing my pre-baby jeans again! To help reach my goals, I used the 10 Day Detox, my 3 Steps including THRIVE Against Cancer DFT, as well as the Black Label and Burn DFTs. I’m so grateful and amazed by the transformation my body and mind have made throughout this challenge. Even if I don’t win the challenge, I’ve still won for myself.

34Under 10K winner
Michael Shanley's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Michael Shanley

I am 24 and live with my wife, Janel and daughter Everleigh. I’ve lived a life of fitness and was a full-time coach, while also working as a machinist. About a year and a half ago, we were blessed to welcome Everleigh into our lives. We wouldn’t change it for anything!

With our new addition to our family, I found myself slowly falling out of my fitness routine and slowly starting to develop the “dad bod” everyone talks about. This challenge drove me to balance my family life with my health to make sure that I am strong and healthy enough to give my daughter the exciting, fun-filled life she deserves.

I made better diet decisions and got back into my workout regime! I used the 3 Steps with DFT Burn, Recover, Heat, Sculpt, Circulate and Balance to help guide my healthy and more fit lifestyle. These past 12 weeks have brought me so much joy! I have a much better mentality now.

Being able to come home and play with my daughter and wife, run around the yard and not be out of breath is an incredible feeling. To be able to throw my daughter up in the air and not feel general discomforts is like absolute freedom. I have also joined a flag football team with old friends and get to spend time making memories with my family every Wednesday night.

Thank you Le-Vel for creating a life-changing event and providing premium grade nutrition for me to find me again. Being able to better myself and my relationship with my family has made me so happy and this feeling I have will drive me to keep bettering myself!

Vyna Tran's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Vyna Tran

My name is Vyna Tran and I am 19 years old, studying as an accounting major at Chico State. Before finding the THRIVE Experience, I would find every excuse to not be in a picture and felt very uncomfortable in my own skin. Not only that, but I found it difficult to say no to any temptations that came my way. Therefore, I have joined this challenge to test my limits and discipline myself in hopes to become a stronger version of myself.

Prior to this challenge, I used the THRIVE Experience for 3 months and have lost 20 pounds using the 3 Simple Steps. Throughout those months, my diet and workout schedule was very inconsistent. For this challenge, I planned to use the same routine but instead, be more dedicated and more consistent.

Starting this challenge, I had a lot of self doubt because food is my biggest weakness. From working with food at a food truck everyday, to working in an office surrounded by individuals offering me delicious food, I can proudly say I fought the temptations. THRIVE has given me the strength to fight the toughest battle I have ever experienced.

Working full time, going to school, and staying committed to my diet and fitness goals has not been easy and sometimes was an overwhelming and stressful experience, but I have never been more proud or happier with myself. Being able to willingly go in front of a camera and stand in front of a mirror with a smile on my face has been the biggest reward. At the start of this challenge, I had no idea what I was passionate about, but as a result, I realized I’m in love with fitness and this is just the beginning of my journey!


Adam Schmoker's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Adam Schmoker

I was in the army for five years and was in pretty good shape all my life. When I left the army, I left as a disabled veteran dealing with health challenges that negatively affected my overall quality of life. It’s taken a toll on my body and mind to not be in shape like I was before the army. I did this challenge using the 3 Simple Steps, along with the pre-work out, Circulate and post-workout, Recover. I also used FORM as well.

Some people will never understand how important one’s physical well-being is to their mental health and I can say, as someone who used to take mine for granted, and the challenges I’ve had to go through to regain it, I will never take it for granted again. This challenge, and these products, could be the difference between living my old life, or living my best life.

35Over 10K winner
Catherine Faulkner's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Catherine Faulkner

I left a traumatic relationship this year and was mentally and emotionally stressed, living in a fog, and was trying to finish college, all while I just lost my job. I couldn't motivate myself or move forward and I was ashamed of how my two sons viewed me.

All that was until my friend Sarah gave me the gift of the THRIVE Experience and it has given me ME back in return. If I can use my results to help motivate others to THRIVE and feel this amazing, then I've given the gift back!

Brain fog? GONE. General jointoint discomforts? CALMED. My confidence is BACK. I’m THRIVING in my health and in my college courses. The THRIVE Experience has COMPLETELY changed my life. I feel ALIVE again. Thank you Le-Vel!

Chad Martin's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Chad Martin

After being hospitalized and almost losing my leg in 2014, exercise became difficult without the use of my left ankle. And thus, I really let myself go. Finally, I got sick and tired of not liking what I saw in the mirror. I decided it was time to put all excuses aside and take back my health!

My wife and kids deserve a healthy dad who will be around for them. I deserve a vibrant and healthy body. Using the Ultimate THRIVER challenge package really supported me through the past 3 months. I joined a boxing gym and was there 6 days a week, at 6 a.m. in the morning. Cutting the crap out of my diet, as tough as it was at first, has been the best part of all of it. I wake up refreshed and full of energy. My clothes fit again. It’s been such a great ride!

Diana Marapao's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Diana Marapao

As a single mother of three kids, my job is to not only provide for them, but to also be their caretaker. My schedule was wrapped around what was happening in their lives, leaving little to no time or energy for myself. As an Emergency Room nurse, I’ve been overworked for the past two years and was constantly exhausted.

As a Master’s student, I was relying on energy drinks to survive. I started my THRIVE journey about eight months ago because this coming April, I will turn 40! I had to get rid of some extra weight and I wanted to feel good.

This contest is important to me because I have never put myself first. I realize that I deserve to invest time and energy into a healthier and happier me! Within the eight months, I have lost 20 pounds and I can say the 3 Steps along with Sculpt and Boost have provided the energy I needed. Since I’ve lost weight and cut unhealthy amounts of caffeine and energy drinks, my overall health has improved significantly. I have gained confidence and strength through the amazing group of THRIVERS I have met along the way and I’m looking forward to pushing myself further during this competition. I am doing this for ME!

35Over 15K winner
Jana Kellam's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Jana Kellam

I have been a Promoter with Le-Vel since November 2020 and the THRIVE Experience has changed my life! Before THRIVE, I was exhausted and unmotivated. I even lost my joy for life. But the THRIVE Experience changed all of that. Through the use of the products and the incredible community of my fellow THRIVERS, I have found a passion for life like I have NEVER known!

The one thing I haven’t done until now, is buckle down with a healthy diet and exercise program. The 3 Steps make me feel incredible, so I wanted to show on the outside what I feel on the inside. I want to be a role model for my children and my grandchildren that they can accomplish ANYTHING they put their mind to!

I am 50 years old, and I used the Ultimate THRIVER competition to get in the best physical shape of my life. I used the 3-Step THRIVE Experience including Black Label DFT, Balance, and Sculpt to aid in my transformation. Look out Ultimate THRIVERS, here I come!

35Over 25K winner
Jeremy Wallace's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Jeremy Wallace

This contest is important to me because I needed to lose weight and get healthy for myself, my kids and family. Ultimate THRIVER helped me focus on a goal and stay motivated through these 12 weeks. Darren Brown, a promoter who sadly has passed away, helped me to get back on track with this transformation. I won’t let you down Darren!

I used the THRIVE Experience including Men’s Lifestyle Capsules, Lifestyle Mix, and alternated between Black Label and THRIVE Against Cancer DFTs. I also used the 10-Day Total Detox, Heat and Sculpt on my health transformation journey.

In total, I lost 32 pounds and 4 pant sizes. But even more than that, I am so proud of who I am becoming in this process. I still have a goal to lose 15-20 more pounds to get to my ideal weight, so this challenge does not end here. This journey was such an emotional one, but so worth the result! Thank you Le-Vel for this amazing contest that changed my life!

Joshua Melendez's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Joshua Melendez

Wow what a journey! Never in my 40 years of existence have I ever pushed myself to the limits I have in the last 12 weeks. I'm proud that I had a plan and I stuck to it. The holidays kicked my gut so this competition came at the perfect time. I've THRIVED in the past and life was great while THRIVING. It wasn't until I saw old pictures with the Black Label DFT on my arm, that I remembered how happy, energetic and alive I was at that time.

I saw info on Season 3 of Ultimate THRIVER and signed up. I’m so glad I did! I entered Season 2 and came up short. The difference between last year and this year was my mindset and my commitment. I was NOT going to come up short this year! The daily 3 Steps give me the focus, energy and “feel good” I've been missing. The combination of Sculpt, Circulate and Activate are the extra push that help me achieve my goals.

Recover, in the THRIVE FIT line, is a life saver after workouts! As the weeks progressed, so had my workout routines. With the help of these products, I was able to increase from standard cardio and weight training to attending HIIT classes, then eventually getting into boxing.

I have so much gratitude to the many people who knew of my journey and pushed me. Thanks to both Paul Gravette and Jason Camper for creating a product that is truly one of a kind.

Joy Herman's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Joy Herman

I have been using the 3 Steps with the Black Label, THRIVE Against Cancer and DUO DFTs. I use Heat and Activate as well. This contest was and is important to me because it was a mental reset to help me with my weight loss journey!

35Over 50K winner

Even though the ULTIMATE THRIVER competition is over, we hope you’ll check out all of the incredible transformations above (and many others on Facebook and Instagram), showing the powerful combination of THRIVE products with focus and determination.

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35 & over prizes
Grand Prize $50,000
2nd Place $25,000
3rd Place $15,000
4th Place $10,000