Are you ready to try the world's most successful nutritional system of all time? Are you ready to try the world's most successful nutritional system of all time?
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Request your sample pack today and we’ll make sure it’s on the way to your doorstep! You’ll get enough product to try the THRIVE Experience for 3 days.We think you’re going to love it.

Well! I was very reluctant to use those products, it took me almost two weeks asking questions and research about this company and products, but I decided to have a go... Only with 2 capsules in the morning and one adhesive (I had two shakes as a trial), I am drinking more water, reduced sugary intake, less bread, more fruits and vegetables and I am feeling much better: my energy levels improved a lot, plus my shape has shown signs of improvement. I am happy with my experience and looking forward to Thrive more and more!
Andrea Cruz-Soares
Started Thrive Skincare with applying it to my face, wrinkled arms, and upper thighs and within 2-4 days, I saw results. Now, I have been using it a whole month and it does work. I am quite happy with the product after using several other products throughout the years. I am very thankful!! I have taken pictures and you can see the difference!!
Connie McKinney
Everyone says it takes couple days, maybe weeks before it starts working, but the second day it started working I noticed the difference in my body and my mild mood changes. It seemed like I eat less, same with the pop and coffee I loved my coffee, sure taste different. I'm ok with that going to tell my friends about it. Always see people posting about Thrive and talking too. I'm glad I'm trying it, thank you Thrive.
Elizabeth Smith
I tried Thrive for the first time and I love it. I have more energy than before. Can't wait to continue my journey to meet my goal weight loss. Thank you Andrea Stout for setting me up.
Sandy Schreur
The first day I started my process I wasn't feeling my best, but once I took the two pills and drank the shake, I started feeling pretty good. I had so much energy, I even called for an assignment at work. Don't knock it until you try it.
Angeleak Smith
Well I definitely was not a Day One Thriver. Mine happened somewhere between days 10-15. It was super easy and convenient. I loved that I was done within the first 30 minutes of my day! 2 weeks in and I felt happier and more relaxed. No longer was I edgy and irritated all the time. Surprisingly, it was my children who brought it to my attention that I was different. I wasn't yelling at them for being kids and I was waking up before them and making breakfast! Having better sleep combined with the mood support not only helped me enjoy my children more but it also saved my marriage! I just had my 3 year anniversary for taking the product and I couldn't be happier! And neither could my family! Thank you Le-Vel!
April Emil
I love these 3 simple steps! I wake up energized and with no mental fog or grogginess. I have the motivation to exercise and don't crave the foods and drinks that I used to eat. I have been able to make better life choices and couldn't be more thankful. I am a happier person and a better mom and wife that I know I should have always been. I will be forever thankful for the Thrive Experience. To me, it isn't an 8 week challenge. It is a life-changing journey that I never want to end!!
Gretchen Brock
My cousin Sandy Meuer had been talking about Thrive for some time now and I just kept saying that can't be for me. I saw all the things she was accomplishing and still thought it wasn't for me. About a month ago, I decided I was tired of being tired. I contacted her and she sent me a sample. After the first day, I thought to myself, "Why had I been so negative on this whole experience?" I love it. I have the energy to get things done around my house. I don't want to take naps all day anymore. I am meal prepping and cooking more at home and that is saving us money and getting us healthy. I love everything about this product and can't wait to see where it is going to take me.
Jan Colby
My name is Sally Schuldt and this is my four month Thrive Experience. My journey started in early 2018. I was at my highest weight ever, lowest mood ever, always tired and dealt with general aches. I had started seeing Facebook posts from a sister of a friend. She was sharing stories of people and their amazing transformations with something called Thrive. My curiosity got the better of me so I looked into it a little. Give me a break, 3 easy steps first ½ hour of your day? This has to be another fad. A couple weeks later my best friend told me she had ordered the Thrive Experience and really liked it and thought I should give it a try too. Fine. So I reached out, asked questions, did a little more research, but still I just wasn't sold. Fast forward a few months, the only change was now I am messing up at work. It was at this point I did some serious research on myself and started a sample. Wow! Why did I hold out for so long? Day 1 I took my capsules first thing , waited 20 minutes to drink my Lifestyle Shake and slapped on this funny DFT thing. I wasn't sure if it was the Thrive or just in my head but I thought I felt a little more energy than normal. Day 3 same thing: 1, 2, 3 done. I not only felt like I had more energy but I was also more alert and motivated. By the second week in I knew this is what I've needed to straighten me out. I have a whole new outlook at life, I'm sleeping great, getting up before my alarm, actually exercising, no longer making mistakes at work, and I am just genuinely happy.
Sally Schuldt
I feel like im still a baby "Thriver." I'm only 20 days into this regimen, but I do believe it's one of the best decisions I've made in years to take the step to commit to this product line. I had several people tell me, "I noticed a change in how I felt the 1st or 2nd day I used the 3 steps." It was much more subtle for me. I was actually on into my 5th day coming home from work when I noticed that I didn't feel as tired as I had been coming off of a 12 hr shift. The next morning (day 6)I only hit snooze once (I usually hit that thing 3 or 4 times)! I got out of bed feeling awake and alert. It then dawned on me that I'd slept really well... I felt rested!
Crystal Gilbert

Results vary for individuals. There are no guarantees of specific results.

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The THRIVE Experience is...

a premium daily lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that's hard to explain, and challenging to describe. It's something that can only be experienced, so we really hope you’ll take advantage of THE 3-DAY SAMPLE CHALLENGE and try THRIVE for free

You’ll receive a combination of: 1) THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules—choose your formula for a man or a woman; 2) THRIVE Ultra Micronized Lifestyle Shake Mix; 3) our Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology).



anybody and every BODY. No matter how in shape, out of shape, healthy, or not healthy you might be, the THRIVE Experience is for YOU! Suit and tie executives, stay at home moms, professional athletes, couch coaches, doctors, nurses, dietitians, personal trainers—people all around the world—are loving the results from the THRIVE premium daily lifestyle plan.